What differentiates Nancy as an instructor is her ability to problem solve and tailor her knowledge and instruction to the individual dog.  Regardless of size or personality, she is able to observe the dog (and handler) and set an individualized path to success for each team.  Drawing from her experiences and training, she has helped my dogs make vast improvements in agility, obedience and their general behavior.

~ Jen Grebinoski, Russian Toys and Chihuahuas

Healing Your Heeling Handling Class:

“We all teach our dogs how to heel, but this is the first time anyone taught me how to heel! That sounds funny, but every instructor of heeling I have had emphasizes their footwork – and all of it is different. But this class stresses what works for us humans in heeling. I has already made a huge difference in a problem I was having and I think I will be much more relaxed when I am heeling with my dog because I am so much less worried about my feet. I LOVED THIS CLASS!  “

Nancy’s problem solving and polishing classes are one of the hidden gems of FDSA! There is so much expert help and information available here, both in your own thread and in the other Gold threads! This is a must-take for those preparing for the obedience ring.

I have taken several great classes through FDSA, but Nancy’s classes have been far and away the best. Thorough, detail-oriented, and fun. Nancy has a great eye for even very subtle details, and her experience translates into preparation for success at all levels.

Over this past winter, I took your “Heal Your Heeling” course at the bronze level.    I actually took it at the last minute and sorta on a whim….lol.  I found the course to be so insightful.  Living in Montana, Competition Obedience classes are nonexistent.   I wasn’t too sure that I would be able to transfer your concepts to my dog but we got busy and practiced for a few months.   We competed a couple of weeks ago earning our First Utility A title 😊.  Our heeling was the best it’s ever been in competition! Thanks so much for your help, Jean Norderud